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mixtape: "Acid Rap" (2013)

Good Ass Intro lyrics - Chance the Rapper (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid, Lili K., Kiara Lanier, Peter Cottontale, Will for the O'mys)

[Hook: BJ The Chicago Kid]
Even better than I was the last time baby... Oh oh oh oh ooh
Yo we back
I'm good, so good
And we back and we back

[Verse 1:]
Raps just make me anxious and acid made me crazy
Them squares just made me looser and that wax just made me lazy
And I still make this song, and I'm a make another
If you ever actually hit me, better watch out for my brother
Better bet I'd take that deal, gotta watch out for my mother
Get a watch with all that glitters, come in clutters, different colors
Ben A Baller, Benford, Butler's, Chauffeur's, hit a stain-er, did I stutter?
Did a ton of drugs and did better than all my Alma mater
Motherfucker money dance, hundreds zan, gotta lean
Make a joke bout Leno's hair then piggy back on Fallon's spleen
Balancing on sporadicity and fucking pure joy
Nightly searches for a bed and I just came off tour with Troy
But I can't complain I got some motherfucking business
How many lab partners have I fucked since I got suspended?
Mr. Bennett, you done did it, you did it, you did it
You did a good ass job, you did a good ass job
And I'm good


[Verse 2:]
Work, work, work, work, bang nigga, bang
Twerk, twerk, merge, swerve, Deng, pick a lane
Flip a bird; pigeon, plane, it's a word, it's a shame
But God I'm good, swear I couldn't be better
Kicking dirt on the shirts of the lames
Keep a tab on my exes, keep some "x" on my tongue
Keep my work out in Texas, that's just me flexing my lungs
See them showing they teeth, that's just them flapping they gums
If they bite and I'm snapping clap clap collapsing they lungs
Call me Chancellor The Rapper, please say "The Rapper"
Magical word (poof), please say 'Kadabra
Replay the replays; Green Bay to Packers
Cremate your teammates and freebase the ashes
Matches to gas leaks, dusted dusk till dawn
It's just us, and trust ya bottom bitch, my stuff the fucking bomb
I'm the motherfucking fucker, fuck a niggas fucking dumb
This your favorite fucking album and ain't even fucking done


Pusha Man / Paranoia lyrics - Chance the Rapper (feat. Nate Fox & Lili K)

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
Ten damn days
And all I got to show for it is shoes and shows and chauffeurs with road rage
Still the same damn ad-lib: IGH!, always
Still gotta letterman, no practice
Still gotta burner man, no lacking
Still outtin Jams nigga, no Jackson
No Jordan and we toe-tagging
I'll take you to land, where the lake made of sand
And the milk don't pour and the honey don't dance
And the money ain't yours
Now it's just a red pill,
Got a blue and a hand full of Advils
I'm the new Nitty, fuck it Nitty the the old me
So I'm a tell the buyer what Nitty told me

[Hook 1:]
I got that Mmm Mmm
I got that God damn
I'm yo pusha man
I'm yo, I'm yo pusha man
Pimp slapping, toe taggin
I'm just tryna fight the man
I'm yo pusha man
I'm yo, I'm yo pusha man [x2]

[Verse 2:]
You a laaaaaaaame, and your bitch break down my weed sometimes
See my face in the streets, in the tweets
And a Reader or a Redeye if you read Sun-Times
She got blisters on her knees, she's a fiend for the D
Even though I only beat one time
One time it was one two times
It was two plus me equals threesome time
Shouts out to Nate, I jackball and I bop, I flex
Got neck from all these thots I sex
Rastafari them shottas yes
House safari, mi casa, yes
Poppy fields of that popeye
She came to party, she popped a Molly
Said "come to papa", she said "papa, yes"

[Hook 1]

[Hook 2:]
I've been riding around with my blunt on my lips
With the sun in my eyes, and my gun on my hip
Paranoia on my mind, got my mind on the fritz
But a lotta niggas dying, so my 9 with the shits [x2]

[Verse 3:]
Move to the neighborhood, I bet they don't stay for good, watch
Somebody'll steal daddy's rollie, and call it the neighborhood watch
Pray for a safer hood when my paper good, watch
Captain save the hood, hood savior, baby boy, still get ID'd for swishers
Mama still wash my clothes, still with Save Money militia
I'm a still watch my bros
Trapped in the middle of the map, with a little bitty rock
And a little bit of rap
That with a literary knack and a little shitty Mac
And like literally jack

[Hook 2]

[Verse 4:]
They murking kids, they murder kids here
Why you think they don't talk about it? They deserted us here
Where the fuck is Matt Lauer at? Somebody get Katie Couric in here
Probably scared of all the refugees, look like we had a fucking hurricane here
They be shooting whether it's dark or not, I mean the days is pretty dark a lot
Down here it's easier to find a gun than it is to find a fucking parking spot
No love for the opposition, specifically a cop position,
Cause they've never been in our position
Getting violations for the nation, correlating, you dry snitching

[Hook 2]

I know you scared, you should ask us if we scared, too.
I know you scared, me too.
I know you scared, you should ask us if we scared, too.
If you was there, then we just knew you'd care, too.

[Verse 5:]
It just got warm out, this this shit I've been warned about.
I hope that it storm in the morning, I hope that it's pouring out.
I hate crowded beaches, I hate the sound of fireworks.
And I ponder what's worse between knowing it's over and dying first.
Cause everybody dies in the summer.
Wanna say ya goodbyes, tell them while it's spring.
I heard everybody's dying in the summer, so pray to God for a little more spring.

I know you scared, you should ask us if we scared, too.
If you was there, then we just knew you'd care, too.

Cocoa Butter Kisses lyrics - Chance the Rapper (feat. Vic Mensa & Twista)

[Hook: x2]
Cigarettes on cigarettes, my mama think I stank
I got burn holes in my hoodies, all my homies think it's dank
I miss my cocoa butter kisses, I miss my cocoa butter kisses

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
Okie dokie, alky. Keep it lowkey like Thor lil bro
Or he'll go blow the loudy, saudy of sour Saudi
Wiley up off peyote, wilding like that coyote
If I sip any Henny, my belly just mght be outtie
Pull up inside a huggy, Starsky & Hutch a dougie
I just opened up the pack in an hour I'll ash my lucky
Tonight she just yelling "Fuck me"
Two weeks she'll be yelling fuck me
Used to like orange cassette tapes with Timmy, Tommy, and Chuckie
And Chuck E. Cheese's pizzas, Jesus pieces, sing Jesus love me
Put Visine inside my eyes so my grandma would fucking hug me
Oh generation above me, I know you still remember me
My afro look just like daddy's, y'all taught me how to go hunting (BLAM!)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2: Vic Mensa]
I will smoke a little something but I don't inhale
Everywhere that I go, everywhere they be asking hows it going
Say the goings well
Go figure, Victor's light skinned, Jesus got me feeling like Colin Powell
All praise to the God, God knows he's a pro, he's a pro like COINTEL
Check, check mate, check me, take me to the bedroom, let you know me well
I mean normally, you see, Norma Jean wouldn't kick it with Farmer Phil
But these kids these days they get so high, burn trees, smoke Chlorophyll
'Til they can't feel shit, shit faced, faced it, 15 hits on this L
Elevated, train, and the craziest thing, got me feeling like Lauryn Hill
Miseducated, my dick delegated, rap Bill Bellamy, they said I shoulda never made it
Probably shoulda been dead or in jail
Deadbeat dad, enough of that jazz, asshole, absinthe up in that class
Are we there yet? Ice cubes in a bong, we're brain dead, take a tug and then pass

I think we all addicted,
Yeah, I think we all addicted
Really though, I think we all addicted
I think we addicted


[Verse 3: Twista]
I could make a flow, pitter patter with a patter pitter
Two seats used to be in a jalabiya and a kufi
Trying hard not to be addicted to a groupie
I ended up on an album cover in a Coogi
You see, I be still a God but a goofy
You be flowing out by trucks in a Uzi
That's the new principle, sometimes I'm a be about some ho
Sometimes I'm a wanna make a movie
And when it come to rapping fast, I'm the Higgs Boson
And though my style freakish
I could still break your body down to five pieces like I did Voltron
Cause I'm addicted to the craft and I be off a OG
Know me, I'm the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the dope see
Never scared of mean spirits, methamphetamine lyrics
Cooler like I'm offa codeine, low key
Don't be so judgmental, even though I'm reminiscing
If I don't know what a miss is
I'm a end up figuring out that it's home
And my mother and my grandmother cocoa butter kisses
This is just a testament to the ones that raised me
The ones that I praise and I'm thanking
I need em but the chronic all up in my clothes
And I wanna get a hug, and I can't cause I'm stanking
Never too old for a spanking

[Hook x2]

Juice lyrics - Chance The Rapper

[Intro/Bridge: singing]
Thirsty, thirsty, trynna choose
I mean I know, I'm pretty cool
My Nitty bag, my kitty boost
I got the juice, I got the juice

[Verse 1:]
CHANO, Chathams own
Foolies glad I'm home
Even my haters kinda glad I'm on
Rest In Peace to my Vagabond
Rapper song, singer - suspended, subpoena
For misdemeanors, dreamer, held back ass is lowkey still a senior
And I still shake up BO Squad, praying for my BroGods
City on the Come Up, shout that nigga Sosa!
Shout my nigga Fat Trel, shout my nigga Joseph
Playing Buenos Aires while they sleepin' Buenos Noches!
Wonder if I wrote this cause it's so crisp
The most brokest cold stock broker winter solstice
I could win an Oscar, Russian Accent Husky
Acid addict, Costly avid Actor
Kevin Costner


Juice! (Juice!)
Juice! (Juice!)
Juice! (Juice!)
Juice! (Juice!)
I got the juice, I got the juice (YUP)
Juice! (Juice!)
Juice! (Juice!)
Juice! (Juice!)
Juice! (Juice!)
I got the juice, I got the juice (YUP)

[Verse 2:]
God give me one sentence more
Maybe I just gotta get suspended more?
Hash tag it, get mentions for it
Make you love it, get it trending more
And then act humble
Hear some bull that some dude mumble
Wantin' to jump dude, but let that nigga punk you
Knowin bitch niggas wanna bring guns to the rumbles, igh!
But I love y'all souls
Don't let the juice spill Pac!
Blue pill pop
Til you feel good enough to pop the popped bitch in the blue hills yop!
That one - drown in the juice nigga
Hunnid proof get "fountain-of-youth"ed nigga
Stop with all the trynna introduce nigga
Everybody know you dude you the new nigga!
Hows it feel to be you, yo no se
I ain't really been myself since Rod passed
I ain't even really need that shop class
I ain't really been weak since pops smashed
I'm a genius, a mothafuckin pop smash
Hit sensei, master
Jack and Lindsey, Wiley, Kembe
Been paid, 10Day been they FAFSA



[Verse 3:]
You never tasted paper
Tripped, racing yaself trynna chase the paper
I just faced a Vega
And you love being Kobe when you make the lay up
Till you realize everybody in the world fuckin hates the Lakers, Hahaha
And then everybody wanna sip, til the juice spill everybody want a bib
And then everybody wanna dip
Told you I ain't worried, I ain't scared of the booth
All you can do is spit a verse of the truth
Merge the mixture with the purest and the fruits
And the thirst just the worst it's the curse of the juice






... Yup.

Lost lyrics - Chance The Rapper (feat. Noname Gypsy)

My druggy
Love me
When I'm ugly
Hug me
When I'm bummy, scummy
I'm your hubby
Let's get lost, let's get lost

[Verse 1:]
Damn I'm in so deep
Probably cause you're empty
You can't even speak
Damn your mouth so minty
Ooh your mama hate me
Daddy wouldn't let you if he ever met me
If he ever met you
Put that shit behind us
And put this in your sinus
Mine is all up in my gums
Minus all that shit it's lined with
I say oh oh oh ohh
You been scratchin, you been fiendin
I'm a fix you, I'm a fuck you
I'm a get rid of them demons
It's my


[Verse 2:]
Damn I need a minute... aight lehgo
She fell in love, it fell apart... aight let go
She met her match, I let her match
She lit her match, she let me smoke
Yeah me mad petty, Yeah me bogus
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah me know
Yeah she knew too, it made her love it
Her pussy like me, her heart like fuck it
So dance for daddy like Gator
Ain't no partners on this trip
And lose yourself in my room
And find yourself in my grip
I'm sayin


[Verse 3: Noname Gypsy]
I blessed myself inside your arms one day
Swear to God there I was when the dress
And the Silver buttons fade away
Miss Mary Mattress, geriatrics
Fuck me into open caskets, I wanna die with this
I wanna stop seeing my psychiatrist
She said "pill pop, baby girl cause I promise you, you tweaked
The empty bottled loneliness, this happiness you seek"
The masochism that you preach
Practice back flips, tragic actress
On a movie with no screen
When the only time he loves me is naked in my dreams


Let's get lost

Everybody's Something lyrics - Chance The Rapper (feat. Saba & BJ The Chicago Kid)

[Verse 1:]
What's good good?
And what's good evil?
And what's good gangstas?
And what's good people?
And whys God's phone die every time that I call on Him?
If his son had a Twitter wonder if I would follow him
Swallow them synonyms like cinnamon Cinnabon
Keep all them sentiments down to a minimum
Studious Gluteus Maxim models is sending him
Pics of they genitalia tallied up ten of em
I slurped too many pain-kills, downing em off a lot
I got a lot off days but it ain't often that I'm off the clock
Ya'know I mean?
I got the Chicago Blues
We invented rock before the Stones got through
We just aiming back cause the cops shot you
Buck buck bang bang, yelling "Fuck Fox News!"
Booyaka buckle up, mothafuck ops too
Ain't no knuckling up em young cause it just not cool

Nice to see you Father New Year
Middle finger Uncle Samuel
Shooting death with weighted dice
And hitting stains on birthday candles
I know somebody, somebody loves my ass
Cause they help me beat my demons ass

[Hook: Chance & BJ the Chicago Kid]
Everybody's somebody's everything
I know you right
Nobody's nothing
That's right

[Verse 2:]
Right? IGH
I used to tell hoes I was dark light or off white
But I'd fight if a nigga said that I talk white
And both my parents was black
But they saw it fit that I talk right
With my drawers hid but
My hard head stayed in the clouds like a lost kite
But gravity had me up in a submission hold
Like I'm dancing with the Devil with two left feet and I'm pigeon toed
In two small point ballet shoes with a missing sole
And two missing toes
But it's love like Cupid kissing a mistletoe


[Verse 3: Saba]
Like Cassius ducking the draft and now the fight is over
The type to love from a distance not the type that told her
Spent three days on the rap, trash it and type it over
With babies on the block under arms like fighting odors
Coppers and quotas
Hold ya head like 2Pac had taught
Obviously they are on a come up
With better chances tobogganing in the fucking summer
Concoctions for the bad days and a condom for the good ones
All odds against we tryna get lucky
Doper than Nucky
You're ending happy that's only a tuggy
Like Satan masturbating shit come hot
But y'all still love me ugh
How father time a deadbeat
Maybe I'm adopted
That'll explain why all of my shit been so timeless IGH

[Hook: Chance & BJ the Chicago Kid]